Modern two-way text messaging

Text directly from inside of OpenDental with an interface that staff is already used to.


Automatically send review invitations to patients after their appointment which links them directly to your Facebook or Google profiles.

Get positive reviews automatically

Positive reviews go online, bad ones stay private. Completely automate sending reviews to patient’s after their appointment, or just send to those loyal patients who will absolutely leave a positive review.

Facebook or Google

Patients can choose which platform to post the review on.

Boost your SEO

Boost your listing’s ranking automatically with positive reviews.

Reminders with Smart Confirmations

Send natural language appointment reminders that sound like a human. The patient can respond however they choose and Smart Confirmations, powered by Machine Learning, will understand what the patient wants to do.

Reminders, not robots

Setup custom, natural language reminders that sound like your front is personally sending your patient a message about their appointment. Stop your practice from sounding like a robot.

Smart Confirmations

Powered by Machine Learning, Smart Confirmations understands what the patient is saying and will automatically set the status of the appointment accordingly.


Get unscheduled and past-due patients back to your office with personable messages.


Automatically send your active patients a Birthday message

Easy self-setup

Setup takes less than 10 minutes after signing up.